Our Services

We become knowledge partners to organisations and act as catalysts !

​​Through Consultancy and Training, we enable our partners achieve their goals by channelising their efforts through our Consultancy and Training services.

​We specialise in Social Development Strategy, Scaling-up Strategy, Operational Process Excellence, Program Assessment, Governance and Capability Building Training. ​Our offerings are embedded with an ethical approach to ensuring high quality delivery.

Services for Corporate Foundations, NGOs and Social Enterprises

We’re there for you when your organisation needs an impetus to strategic direction or a fresh set of eyes.

Whether you need expert guidance on upscaling operations or leveraging CSR to take it to the next level, we have trained professionals to guide you and train you through a scientific approach to sustainable and impactful development.


We provide experience-based training for Capability Building to enhance skills and capabilities required for organisations to scale newer heights of performance


We offer comprehensive consultancy services in Strategy, Operational Scale-up and Performance Governance Management, catering to Corporate Foundations...

Foundations and NGOs

Whether you need expert guidance on upscaling operations or leveraging CSR to take it to the next level, we have trained professionals to guide you and train you through a scientific approach to sustained capability building.

NGO Training

We provide experience-based training to the most important resource of the organisation ie. human resources and enhance their skills and capability...

NGO Consultancy

We provide knowledge-based consultancy in Strategy and Program Risk management through realistic solutions that meet the needs of your growing organisation

Strategic Planning for CSR

Community interventions have to be designed to take care of the needs of the community in a sustainable manner over the long-term of creating impact. We offer management consultancy services to design impactful programs under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the interest of all stakeholders involved.


Due Diligence

Out of 31 lakh NGOs in India, it is not easy finding a genuine organisations to support a cause in your preferred geography of making a difference. We undertake and conduct holistic due diligence of NGOs and implementing partners that cover management, operations, governance and finance to help decision making.

Grant Assessment & Audit

As philanthropic donations take shape of structured grants, there has to be adequate transparency and oversight on utilisation of funds and how they are reaching the beneficiary. Our team conducts on-ground assessments and audits to determine how a grant is being actually utilised.

Impact Assessments

Long-term interventions require timely deep-dive to understand how they are truly impacting lives of beneficiaries . We conduct quantitative and qualitative research among beneficiaries and all related stakeholders and partners to provide a holistic understanding on the outcomes and impact of programmatic interventions and course corrections that would help make it bigger and better.

HR Capability Building

We believe the true champions of change are the people working in NGOs and in implementation teams on ground. Their passion, motivation and competence needs to be nurtured on an on-going basis to deliver life- changing solutions to communities. We offer HR development solutions encompassing Organisation re-structuring, Job-role definitions, KRA-KPIs, Competency frameworks, Performance management and Individual development Plans.

Capability Training

We conduct bespoke training of human resources on Functional competencies like CSR, Project Management, Fund raising, etc as well as Behavioural competencies like Strategic orientation, Decision making, Communication, Collaboration, etc. to help teams pursue continuous learning and development while doing more together.