NGO Training

NGO Training


We provide experience-based training to the most important resource of the organisation ie. human resources and enhance their skills and capability required for organisations to scale newer heights of performance

Leadership Training

For growing organisations there is constant need to groom and upscale operational leaders. We provide training on enhancing leadership capabilities of top-management and middle management to build dynamic and future ready

CSR Training

Customised training is provided to organisations in gearing them up to fund raise and manage donor expectations and leverage CSR strategically for social development. Annual training programs are conducted in collaboration with IRMA and SPJIMR’sCentre for Education in Social Sector​

NGO Training

8 NGOs under Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar (IIPH) were trained on leveraging funds from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

” We got clear understanding of CSR processes and how as an NGO we can be efficient and effective in accessing CSR funds. It (the training porgram) is very useful for NGOs” – Prof. Jay Satia, IIPH Gandhinagar

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